Anne Maree Wilshire

This is my favourite go-to place for delicious lunches and early dinners. Everything that Helen and Indie cook they make with love, fresh healthy ingredients and a fabulous flavour. Wonderful for vegetarians too. Lots of variety and sweet treats as well. They are always welcoming and gracious, its like coming home to your dining room. Thanks for being there.



Owner Helen is very knowledgeable chinese medicine practitioner. I go there for cupping, advice on vitamins, diet and general health. The shop is also great with a full range of vitamins, supplements, tasty fresh food.


Rajan Bhayana

Went to Helen through a reference to try out her cupping therapy. In 20 mins she told me that the pain is in my back due to some muscle knots i have in my inner thighs. Not a single chiro or doctor found that. They kept focusing on the pain in back and couldn't find the source. Helen fixed my knots in 2 sitting and my 5 months of back pain was gone just like that. I just came back from gym after months. I did not have to take a single pain killer.

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