ONDA is the best solution for:


BODY SHAPING - Coolwaves penetrate deep into fat tissue, making it sweat till it's gone. Total results

and total comfort.


CELLULITE - Out technology can adapt to target connective tissue that causes the typical orange peel effect.

A precise and effective action


TIGHTENING - Onda induces an immediate collagen shrinkage in the dermis and stimulates the production

of new collagen. Total tone and zero discomfort.

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The Ultimate Chiro Massage Chair combines aesthetics with ergonomics in this luxurious design. With integrated advances such as Zero Gravity and SL-Track Technology, the Ultimate Chiro - Brand New Model offers first class quality and comfort.


The Chiro Massage chair at Transformation by Helen is designed with an independent set of rollers dedicated to providing constant & customisable kneading to the neck & shoulder area. The massage hands can be manually adjusted to suit your preferences &, used in combination with the heat function, will deliver massage benefits deep into your upper body area.




Refresh, revitalise and purify yourself with a session in our iHealth Infrared Sauna!


When you enter a sauna, your skin temperature rises, your pulse rate soars, and your blood vessels become more dilated. This happens as your heart begins to pump more blood. Of course, you also begin to sweat. There are a few benefits to this experience. 


Saunas have been traditionally used to produce a feeling of relaxation. As your heart rate goes up and your blood vessels dilate, there is an increase in blood flow to the skin. Saunas may also improve blood circulation. 

Your sympathetic nervous system becomes more active in order to maintain a temperature balance in your body. Your endocrine glands begin to get involved in this response. Your body’s reaction to the heat can make you less perceptive to pain, more alert, and give you a feeling of elation. The heat relaxes your muscles, including those in your face and neck. These muscles are often tense after long day.

This relaxation effect is one of the biggest benefits to using a sauna. To add to the relaxation effect, practice meditation while in the room. When you soothe your body physically, often the mind and the emotions follow suit. The effect is long-lasting and may even help you get a better night’s sleep. 

Pain relief

Using a dry sauna can leave people feeling invigorated. Since the blood vessels relax and dilate in a sauna, blood flow increases and the experience can help reduce tension in the joints and relieve sore muscles. 

Saunas might also help those with chronic pain and arthritis. A study in people with chronic musculoskeletal diseases including rheumatoid arthritis and ankylosing spondylitis discovered that sauna sessions improved pain, stiffness, and fatigue over the course of four weeks. 

While all patients reported some benefit, the improvements were not found to be statistically significant. The authors recommend that patients with these conditions undergo a couple of trial sessions to see whether sauna use improves their symptoms before incorporating it as part of their treatment routine.


Traditional Chinese Cupping therapy

to remove body toxins

Administered by our expert Helen Shao who has four decades’ experience in the field, cupping is a powerful treatment for a wide range of challenges. These include but are not limited to: physical pain, gastro-intestinal disorders and lung diseases, chronic coughing or asthma. While individual results vary, Chinese cupping therapy can also be effective in achieving steady weight loss.

Chinese Cupping Therapy refers to an ancient Chinese practice in which a cup is applied to the skin and the pressure in the cup is reduced (by using change in heat or by suctioning out air), so that the skin and superficial muscle layer is drawn into and held in the cup.  


Sometimes Cupping is applied to certain acupuncture points, as well as to regions of the body that are affected by pain (where the pain is deeper than the tissues to be pulled).  


Traditional cupping, with use of heated cups, also has some similarity to moxibustion therapy. Heating of the cups was the method used to obtain suction: the hot air in the cups has a low density and, as the cups cool with the opening sealed by the skin, the pressure within the cups declines, sucking the skin into it. In this case, the cups are hot and have a stimulating effect something like that of burning moxa wool.


The earliest use of cupping that is recorded is from the famous Taoist alchemist and herbalist, Ge Hong (281–341 A.D.). The method was described in his book A Handbook of Prescriptions for Emergencies, in which the cups were actually animal horns, used for draining pustules. As a result of using horns, cupping has been known as jiaofa, or the horn technique. In a Tang Dynasty book, Necessities of a Frontier Official, cupping was prescribed for the treatment of pulmonary tuberculosis (or a similar disorder). More recently, Zhao Xuemin, during the Qing Dynasty, wrote Supplement to Outline of Materia Medica, including an entire chapter on “fire jar qi” (huoquan qi). In it, he emphasized the value of this treatment, using cups made of bamboo or pottery, in alleviating headache of wind-cold type, bi syndrome of wind origin, dizziness, and abdominal pain. Cupping also is thought to dispel cold by virtue of its ability to release external pathogenic factors, including invasion of wind, damp, and cold.


Modern Cupping

During the 20th century, new glass cups were developed. Common drinking glasses have

been used for this purpose, but thick glass cupping devices have also been produced and are

preferred. The introduction of glass cups helped greatly, since the pottery cups broke very

easily and the bamboo cups would deteriorate with repeated heating. Glass cups were

easier to make than the brass or iron cups that were sometimes used as sturdy substitutes

for the others; further, one could see the skin within the cup and evaluate the degree of



The glass cups are depressurized by providing some fire in the cup to heat up the air within

just prior to placement. For example, hold a cotton ball dipped in alcohol with a pincer,

ignite it, hold it in the cup, then rapidly apply to the skin; this is called shanhuofa.  


 At the end of the 20th century, another method of suction was developed in which a valve

was constructed at the top of the jar and a small hand-operated pump is attached so that the

practitioner could suction out air without relying on fire (thus avoiding some hazards and having greater control over the amount of suction). Both glass and plastic cups were developed, though the plastic ones are not very well suited to moving along the skin once in place, as the edges are not entirely smooth and the strength of the cups is limited. The modern name for cupping is baguanfa (suction cup therapy).


Generally, the cup is left in place for about 5 to 20 minutes depend on the area of the body. The skin becomes reddened due to the congestion of blood flow. The cup is removed by pressing the skin along side it to allow some outside air to leak into it, thus equalizing the pressure and releasing it. Some bruising along the site of the rim of the cup is expected.


Today, cupping is mainly recommended for the treatment of pain, gastro-intestinal disorders, lung diseases (especially chronic cough and asthma), and paralysis, though it can be used for other disorders as well. The areas of the body that are fleshy are preferred sites for cupping. Contraindications for cupping include: areas of skin that are inflamed; cases of high fever, convulsions or cramping, or easy bleeding (i.e., pathological level of low platelets); or the abdominal area or lower back during pregnancy.  

Treatment Summary

Some Medicinal Practices believe that weight gain and obesity are caused when the liver and spleen do not function optimally. The spleen controls the movements of the digestive system, directs the digestion of food and conversion of food and fluids into energy or “Qi”. The spleen then directs this energy to all parts of the body. When the spleen malfunctions, the qi stagnates and condition called dampness or fat is created leading to weight gain. 


The stimulation from cupping therapy can result in the release of stress and anxiety, eliminate water retention, remove toxins from the fat cells of the body, stimulate the digestive system, control food cravings, promote effective metabolism and bowel movements that lead to weight loss in the body. Chinese Cupping Therapy sessions have show to be very effective and reported steady weight lost in each session. The amount of actual weight loss can be very person to person.


Lymphatic Drainage alignment

for overall wellness

What is The Lymphatic System?

The lymphatic system is a network of organs and tissues that help eliminate toxins, waste, and other unwanted materials from the body. A part of the body’s immune system, it is responsible for transporting lymph, a fluid that contains infection-fighting white blood cells, to the cells throughout the body.


It primarily consists of lymphatic vessels and lymph nodes. The lymph nodes perform the collection and filtration of waste materials from the cell fluid while the lymph vessels transport the fluid back to the general body circulation. It clears the entire body of toxins, stopping excess fluid from being sent to the tissues. The direction of the circulation is always head towards the heart.


Unlike the heart, the lymph does not have a pump to push it throughout the body. It mainly relies on muscular action and body movement to keep the fluid moving. Moreover, it requires all areas of the body to be in good condition; meaning adequate fluid intake, excellent nutrition, and high well-being.


What Goes Wrong?

Whenever the lymphatic system does not work efficiently, signs of oedema or tight swollen tissue appear. A common example is seen after a long-distance air travel: when ankles and legs have become tight and puffy. This is due to the lack of movement, pressure on the lymph vessels from sitting, and the hanging position of the legs. Also, medical conditions can be the cause of oedema. Conditions such as long winter, too little exercise, excessively starchy food, and too many chocolates can result to a sluggish movement of the body and wanting for a fresh start to keep the fluid moving.


What is Lymphatic Drainage?

Lymphatic drainage, also known as lymphatic massage, is a gentle, rhythmical massage treatment that helps in the stimulation of the lymph fluid circulation throughout the body. It helps to hasten the removal of toxins and waste materials from a sluggish lymphatic system. It also helps in preventing swellness after an injury or surgery. It is also known to provide a major boost in the immune system.


All treatments are not the same; it will depend on the condition to be treated, but the goal is to always get the fluid moving out of the tissue and towards the heart.


What Can It Be Used For?

A number of medical conditions respond to lymphatic drainage. If a condition is involved, it is best to consult first a practitioner to receive proper advice:


• Swollen ankles and legs after a long-distance air travel

• Tight sore breasts – Post Menstrual syndrome (PMT) or fibrocystic disease

• Headaches

• Medical conditions – after removing lymph nodes

• Following cosmetic surgery – liposuction, scar tissue

Body Sculpting

For the body, common concerns are sagging and crepe-like skin to the upper arms, inner and outter legs, abdomen and above the knees. Book a consultation so we can tailor a treatment plan for you using a combination of our modalities

Ultrasound fat cavitation is a safe ultrasound stimulation where small and large probes are used to target deeper visceral fats, causing lipolytic hormone to be released.

This process is known as lipolysis, where fat reserves are transformed into energy to be burnt by our body through exercise within six hours of treatment. The broken down fats are then expelled via the lymphatic and urinary systems.

The treatment feels like a warm massage and is suitable for small areas, such as the arm areas around the bra straps and the ‘muffin top’ that can form above the hips, or larger areas of the body, such as inner, outer front or the back of the thighs, stomach and buttocks. Circumference loss, good skin texture, increased firmness and laxity are the positive results of this exciting and innovative new technology – you will see the difference!

How To Do Lymphatic Drainage

Since the lymphatic vessels are generally fine and close to the skin, it is never a deep treatment.


First, stimulate the closest lymph nodes so they are ready to drain the fluid sent to them. The main groups of closest lymph nodes are found in the groins, armpits, and under the jaw, just below the ear. If you have a swollen ankle, you can massage the groin first. After clearing the fluid closest to the nodes, you can gradually work down the leg, remember to always move the fluid towards the heart. Lastly, massage the ankle and foot itself, after having cleared the fluid that backlogged between it and the nodes.


A technique is to use a flat hand on the tissue, and start moving the tissue under it for a few millimeters towards the direction of the nodes. It will also work by gently stroking the tissue. Each area of tissues is worked for about a minute or two, before moving down to the next area. After the whole section has been worked, then you can re-do the nodes, and repeat the procedure again.


Lymphatic drainage feels very gentle, but it is extremely effective. Always ensure that you are directing the fluid towards the heart.

Additional Help For Tuning Up the Lymphatic System

• Exercise, especially yoga, will greatly improve the way your lymphatic system is working

• Drinking extra water will help in keeping the body well hydrated

• Adding fennel or celery or parsley to other fruits and vegetables, for their diuretic effect

• Essential oils like geranium, juniper, lemon, and rosemary are helpful for stimulating and cleansing. They can all be      used in massages and baths. 

• Make sure that they are well-dilutes, and that there is no exposure to the sun for at least 12 • hours after using lemon or any other citrus oils 


The fat cavitation treatment is based on a safe ultrasound stimulation with small and large probes at the specific 1MHZ and 40KHz on the deeper visceral fats, which enables a local release of lipolytic hormone.


This is lipolysis, the natural process by which our fat reserves (from our fat cells) are transformed into energy to be used up by our body (muscles, cells) generally in the form of exercise within 6 hours of treatment.


This cavitation ultrasound procedure is suitable for small areas, such as arms around bra strap and muffin tops areas, or larger areas of the body, such as inner, outer front or back of thighs, tummy and buttocks. It is recommended to undertake 6-10 treatments spaced one per week to initially complete the course of treatments.


Apart from physical exercise and healthier nutritional choices, no other solution has been proven as effective to activate the natural way to lose fat; LIPOLYSIS. Lipolysis is the natural process that involves our fat reserves being transformed into energy and being used by our body.

Cavitation Treatments


What Are they?

The formula = Chinese Natural Therapy + Health Management with Lymph Drainage Massage + Ultrasonic Cavitation + Radio Frequency or RF is the localised heating of a specific area. This treatment has been in the medical industry for 30 years. It was quite an uncomfortable treatment in the past due to it being in the forms of mono polar and bi polar. The new TRIPOLLAR is like the sensation of a warm massage. This treatment has fairly immediate results with no downtime. The tissue is heated to a certain temperature that is constantly gauged by the therapist with the result being increased fibroblast cells thus tightening the skin and causing lipolysis (which is the fat cells being heated to drop excess liquid fat out of the localised area). Circumference loss, good skin texture, increased firmness and laxity are the positive results of this exciting and innovative new technology.


Fat cavitation is an ultrasound stimulation procedure with a small probe or large probe which is guided over the target area. Fat cells are excited to the point of collision and emulsification This in turn creates lipolysis activation. This then releases free fatty acids (FFA) and glycerol (breakdown of fat) in blood stream for easier energy consumption of subcutaneous and visceral fats, thus aiding a local and longer lasting slimming effect. The broken down fats are then expelled by way of the lymphatic and urinary systems success. These methods can often be successful in the short term and then the yoyo dieting cyclical starts again, often with regaining the lost weight and then adding more kilos than the initial starting point. 


These treatments are a helpmate along with your lifestyle changes and management.

If you are not undertaking what is asked of you then please do not expect good results. You will only get

what you put into this. That is life.


70% is up to you regarding your diet, water, lifestyle and exercise.


5% is all about your general health (eg. polycystic ovaries, medications) and age (the older you are

the slower the uptake of treatment)


25% is up to your therapist to do your treatments well.


Much of the result will vary dependant on individual age, fitness level, lifestyle, vices, medical profile

and occupation. Also take into account there will be a certain amount of maintenance due to the body

being dynamic or changing rather than static.

Pre & Post Treatment Requirements

Ultrasound fat cavitation of the body is a treatment offered at our clinic.


It is really important to be well hydrated both before and after ultrasonic fat cavitation, so please drink plenty of water. Clients should be drinking 8-12 glasses of water per day normally.


Eat a moderate diet, obviously the more fresh fruit, vegetables and meat the better.


Clients may sometimes experience nausea in the initial stages of treatment as toxins have been pushed around the body.


Do not smoke. If you do, please ensure that you push your next cigarette time after treatment out gradually post treatment


Medications, drugs and alcohol should not be consumed on the day of treatment. It is important to check with your therapist about your medications and be honest.


Please note it is of utmost importance that you get your individual heart rate up by exercising within 4–6 hours after fat cavitation and RF treatments as you want to use up the energy so fats do not resettle back in your system.


NO heating treatments are to be done on the day of procedure such as laser or pulsed light treatments in the local area.


Keep your therapist updated with any changed health issues, new medications or reactions as you continue with your treatments.


Choose appointments wisely as cancellation fees will strictly apply.


Fat Cavitation Ultrasound and RF can be used in a program together.


Ensure with Fat Cavitation Ultrasound you have good hydration pre and post treatment.


The unique Weight Loss Formula


Weight Loss Kick Start Program


No Surgery, No Diets, No Stress, No Worries

The formula = Chinese Natural Therapy +

Lymph Drainage Aliments + Onda Coolwaves +

Ultrasonic Cavitation + Healthy Eating Plan


Program includes:

2 days and about 3 hours Clinic time per

week (5 to 9 weeks)

   Chinese Natural Therapy for Detox

Whole Body Fat Reduction

Lymphatic Drainage Aliments

Adjustments will be made to guarantee amazing results! 

Correcting Body Imbalances/Weight Management

Being overweight maybe more complex than correcting a poor diet. Often it may require

correcting body imbalances. Most people who have thought about weight loss have tried

the traditional methods of dieting which include calorie restrictions, exercise, and weight

loss medications all with varying levels of success. These methods can often be successful in

the short term and then the yoyo dieting cyclical starts again, often with regaining the lost

weight and then adding more kilos than the initial starting point.

The TRANSFORMATION BY HELEN weight loss program is designed to correct your body imbalances,

ensuring achieve your weight/size goals. Helen will help to demystify the medical

complexities associated with being overweight.


This program will help and design the correct treatment options based on your Body Mass

Index (BMI), medical history, and individual lifestyle choices.

Successful completion of the Light and Healthy program will assist with improving your

overall health and maintaining your weight/size loss.

Chinese Cupping Therapy

Promote effective metabolism and bowel movements

Release of stress and anxiety

Eliminate water retention

 Remove toxins from fat cells

 Stimulate digestive system

 Control food and alcohol cravings

Onda Coolwaves

The first System in the world to use the Ultra new Coolwaves

Reduces Localised fat cells

 Tightening and remodelling the skin

 Eliminating adipose cells

Stimulates cellular metabolic process and collagen production

Ultrasonic Cavitation/RF Treatments

Localised Fat Reduction

Breaking up adipose tissue

Reducing fat in abdomen flanks (love handles), thighs

(saddle bags), buttocks, inner knees, upper arms and male


Healthy Eating Meal Plan

Tailor made meal and exercise plan for you


Call Helen on 0468 926 835 to make your

appointment and take control of your weight


Cupping Treatment



At Transformation by Helen, we know the best medical equipment is needed for the wanting client. This is why we purchased Tixel. Tixel is designed for facial wrinkles, loose skin and hyperpigmentation on the neck, hands and face. The well designed machine is a skin tightening and contouring procedure, using the latest thermal technology, to safely treat facial wrinkles without significant pain or downtime. It uses tiny heated cones that are pressed across the face and neck to stimulate collagen, tighten the skin and allow for deeper penetration of youth activating serums.

What can tixel do?


Tixel treatments help improve:

  • Wrinkles and fine lines

  • Skin discoloration

  • Sun damaged skin

  • Skin tone and texture

  • Age spots

  • Acne Scars

What is Tixel?


A novel non-ablative & ablative fractional skin rejuvenation system powered by Novoxel’s patented titanium tip technology. Tixel treats delicate facial skin, including periorbital, eyelids, the neck and décolleté safely and quickly with low pain and 0-2 days downtime. Tixel employs direct heat and is radiation-free.



Why Tixel?

  • Treats Face, Eye lids, Neck, Décolleté and Arms

  • Employs a sterile titanium Tip

  • No emitted Radiation

  • Very low pain without anesthesia

  • Quick healing

  • Very short down time

  • Uniform effect

  • Very Safe

  • No bleeding or skin charring

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