Our innovative weight loss method combines Lymphatic Aliment therapy, Onda microwave technology, and Chinese Cupping Therapy. You can attain the best and most long-lasting weight loss results with the help of this customised program.

Microwave frequency Onda targets the fat cells with 20% fat cell reduction with each treatment. It re-models the connective tissue matrix by means of the thermal modification of the adipocytes metabolism. Lips are much higher through a mechanism called “blebbing”.


Benefit from a strong jaw line by localising fat in your jaw and neck with Onda and FR to strength your face and neck muscles. Secondly, we perform a Lymphatic Aliment and top quality skin nutrients for your face and skin.

Sport injuries occurs when excessive stress is placed on tendons, joints, bones and muscle. We find the cause of the injury using Qi. Most sport injury for middle aged people are Frozen Shoulders, Tennis, Golf Elbow and back pains. We use Lymphatic Aliment to redefine the muscles and adjust the structure of the problem areas.


Cosmeceutical is an ingredient applied to the skin which has properties that are able to change the functions and processes of your skin cells. Cosmeceuticals are often called ‘active ingredients’ because they are biologically active.

Transformation By Helen’s Cosmeceutical Skin Care is designed to feed your skin with all natural ingredients, good enough to eat!  Yes, they are good enough for your kids and baby.

Achieve a younger looking face, a sculpted body and radiant skin. Lasting results in no time.

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